Fiscal Policy, Taxation and Government Debt

Should The U.S. Government Issue Floating Rate Notes?”, with Urban Jermann, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Revise and Resubmit

Predictable End-of-Month Treasury Returns”, with Krista Schwarz, working paper

Covered Interest Rate Parity Deviations in External Emerging Market Sovereign Debt”, working paper

“Negative Income Taxes and the Labor Market: Experimental Evidence From The Ontario Basic Income Pilot”, with Glenn Hubbard, forthcoming

“Investment And The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”, with Glenn Hubbard and Kyle Kost, forthcoming

Inflation, Inflation Expectations and Nominal Rigidities

“Bounded Rationality And Prices Over Time: Evidence From ‘The Price Is Right’ As A Natural Experiment From 1977-2018”, forthcoming Discussion with Daniel Kahneman on “Bounded Rationality Over Time”

Finance Practitioner Journal Peer-Reviewed Publications

Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds Versus Hedge Funds: Returns, Risk Factors and Diversification”, Journal of Alternative Investments, Summer 2019. Coverage: BarclayHedge

Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Charitable Trust Performance and Factor Attribution”, with Matthew Olson, Journal of Retirement, Summer 2018, 6 (1) 45-54. Coverage: MarketWatchBloomberg, The Huffington PostYahoo! Finance, ETF.comThe Globe and Mail, The WeekKiplinger, The Daily Pennsylvanian,, National Affairs, Index Fund Advisors


Statistically Measuring 2016 Presidential Candidate Electability: Evidence From Prediction Markets”, with Kevin A. Hassett, AEI Economics Working Papers Series. Coverage: The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessweekMarginal Revolution

Health and the Savings of Insured Versus Uninsured Households in the U.S.”, with Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Chicago Fed Working Paper Series. Presented at ASHE, Midwest Finance Association Annual Meetings

With Ben Bernanke

With Ben Bernanke

IMF Panel on "Chicagonomics" with Lanny Ebenstein, David Mitch and Pedro Da Costa

IMF Panel on "Chicagonomics" with Lanny Ebenstein, David Mitch and Pedro Da Costa

With Richard Posner

With Richard Posner